Courses Planning

Based on the objectives of our setup for the department characteristics, we design our courses for our students to ensure the integrity, consistency, practicalness and long-term perspicacity can be met. Technological and Vocational Education needs to develop joint cooperation between the educational system and industries to shrink the gap between them increase employment opportunities for students when they latter joint the market place. Therefore, we lay emphasis on the concept of balancing theory and practice, technology and the humanities, and professional and ethicssa well.

First we set up a commitee for courses planning involving necessary faculty members, industrial experts and graduated students. Through intense review of couses guidelines according the corrent industrial demand and future trend, we lay down the nesscesary technology subjects and their associate relationship. We also design our content for some particular courses to lead the students in preparation for the professional certificate examination to help them acquire professional licenses. Intense attention has been paid to speicific projects in developing technology skill of project implementation, system analisys and design for the students to have hand-on projects experiences. We also compile the satisfaction survey and questionares gathered from our graduated students and their employers to review the previous courses design and give us feedbacks and recommendations for future planning references.

Currently, our two main axises for the courses planning are "computer system "and" software program development". With the support and funding from "Industrial pilot implementation program for practice course design" of the Ministry of Education, we have outlined the course packages of the five engineering catagory groups: computer hardware engineers, computer firmware engineers, software design/maintenance engineers, maintenance engineers for network systems management and maintenance engineers for database system.